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Abstract submission page - SANS 2018 Annual Meeting, New York

The 11th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society will be held May 3-5, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY at the Williamsburg Hotel. To make a reservation for a room, enter your dates of interest on the hotel's website, hit "special codes" and enter 180503NEWYas a group code. This code is good for reservations May 2-5, 2018.

To submit an abstract for the 2018 SANS conference, please fill out the form below. NOTE: We are no longer requiring membership for abstract submission (membership is included in conference registration). However, abstracts will not be considered unless a $25 abstract submission fee is submitted. A link to pay via PayPal will appear once you submit your abstract.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight local time on Friday, December 8, 2017.

Please direct questions about conference logistics to Courtney Rogers, SANScoordinator {@} gmail (dot) com.

Authors: List all authors in the order in which they should be listed in the main program. It is assumed the first author will be the presenting author. If this is not the case, please indicate the presenting author in the Special Notes section. If there are more than ten authors, please indicate the full author list in the Special Notes section.

Affiliation: List the University, City, and Country for each author.

Other fields: Complete as instructed.

Submitting: When you hit submit, the form will check for errors and if it finds errors, will prompt you to correct them before it will accept your abstract. If your submission is successful, you will see a confirmation on the screen and you will receive a confirmation email that includes a copy of your submission.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required

  *Please note that in order to assure a diversity of speakers from year to year, individuals who have spoken at the SANS conference in the last 2 years will not be considered for a talk.

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